Juvenile Justice Online (JJO) is a service for Students that provides you with two main functions:
1. Provides a Online Learning Management System for you to receive training from the experts in many fields to help guide you through your disciplinary education.
  • Examples of these classes include bullying and sexting, there are laws against this (you could be arrested). Other class examples include drug and alcohol abuse.  If you are using drugs or thinking about using drugs you might want to hear from people who have lived through drug abuse, how it has affected their lives, and how they got help.
  • Resources for assistance with drug abuse, counseling, and a variety of other programs will be provided to help students with challenges that demand additional support.
2. Secondly, should you get in trouble by breaking a law or violating a code of conduct, you may be asked to be part of a "Diversion". This is a process by which a Law Enforcement Official or School Administrator (Diversion Agent) will work with you to provide an alternative to being arrested, fingerprinted and having to go to court. THIS IS YOUR SECOND CHANCE.
  • The process begins when your parents receive an email from JJO. They will register to the system and Sign a "Diversion Contract"
  • You will then receive an email from JJO, You too will be asked to sign the Diversion Contract indicating that you agree to the program.  Should you fail to complete the Diversion you may be then be arrested or face other charges/consequences.
  • A Diversion will have a Due Date. You must complete your Diversion and submit it back to the Diversion Agent before the Due Date or risk not satisfying your Diversion Contract.
  • You will be given a set of Actions or Consequences that you must complete and provide evidence that you completed them prior to the Due Date.
  • Once you have completed all of your Consequences you will submit the Diversion to your Diversion Agent.