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1/4/2017 If it was not for JJO, we would have never have known what my son was doing on his social networks.  The process taught me how to monitor my son and have difficult conversations with him.

- Naperville Illinois Mom

11/30/2016 If it was not for JJO, I would have never known how my child felt about himself and others.  The process gave my him an avenue to express his feelings.  From there, we got the help we needed.

- Mary O

Thanks JJO for helping me learn what to look for and how to talk to parents about the dangers that their kids are facing every single day.  I will recommend your service to many of my colleagues!

- Zack Smith(Teacher)

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Know anyone going through a Diversion? Have after School Funds and want to sponsor them?  Have a friend that could benefit from some Parental Training? Want to give the Gift of Training? Then Donor Connection is for you!