Juvenile Justice Online (JJO) is a service for Students that provides you with two main functions:
1. Provides a Learning Management System for you to receive training/Webinars from experts to guide your interaction and understanding of the technology your child uses everyday.
  • Training from experts in several fields.
  • Examples of this include: How can you monitor your kids Computer/Cellphone, What are the warning signs that my kid is doing drugs, How do I access their online lives?
2. Secondly, should your child get in trouble by breaking a law or violating a code of conduct, you may be asked to be part of a "Diversion".  This is a process by which a Law Enforcement Official or School Administrator (Diversion Agent) will work with you to provide an alternative to being suspended or arrested, fingerprinted and having to go to court. THIS IS A SECOND CHANCE FOR YOUR CHILD.  The Key to success is parental involvement.  Your support guides your child throughout the diversion process.
  • A Law Enforcement Official or School Administrator may sit you down and give you the choice of using this program or not.
  • If you choose Diversion, the process begins when you receive an email from JJO.  You will need to register and Sign a "Diversion Contract".  This contract outlines the expectations of the program for both you and your child.  
  • You will be asked to pay a fee for the training you and your child will receive.
  • Next your child will receive an email from JJO.  After registering, they too will be asked to sign the Diversion Contract agreeing to the terms of the program.  Should they fail to complete the Diversion they may be arrested or face other charges/consequences.
  • The Diversion will have a Due Date.  Your child must complete the Diversion and submit it back to the Diversion Agent before the Due Date.
  • There will be a clear set of recommendations for you to follow as part of the diversion.  
  • Your child will be given a set of consequences that they must complete and provide evidence that they completed them prior to the Due Date.
  • Upon completion of the program and to the Diversion Agent's satisfaction, both you and your child will receive a copy of a certificate indicating that your child's diversion has been completed.