Our Mission

Children all across the world are making poor choices using their technology (Cellphones/Computers), Sexting and Bullying are now part of our everyday language. These activities can be very harmful to children and dramatically impact their futures. What many of us do not realize is that laws make many of these activities illegal.  These laws can result in our underage children being arrested, fingerprinted, photographed for Mug Shots, sent to court, and even in the case of Sexting having to register as a Sex Offender.  No one wants this for underage children.  Families can be devastated and children's futures ruined.



JJO's Mission is to change this.  

We provide awareness of the dangers to you and your family, train Law Enforcement and School Administrators how to investigate, then provide alternatives to arrest through education and behavior modification to help "divert" our children to a better path.


We invite you to be successful with us!


What We Do

Juvenile Justice Online Provides two services:
  • Education: Provide Online Education to Law Enforcement, School Administrators, Teachers, Parents and Students. This cutting edge training was developed by experts in the juvenile field. Examples are in the areas of Sexting, Bullying, Drugs, Truancy, Underage Alcohol use etc. The training is Role based and appropriate for each person. i.e. Law Enforcement receives training on how to investigate using the latest police high tech methods.
  • Alternative to Arrest/Expulsion: Online Diversion program by which the Diversion Agent (Law Enforcement/School Administrator) can administrate a timed set of consequences that the child must satisfy in lieu of Adjudication (arrest and sent to court) or School Expulsion.